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Founded in 2015 FABLEfx has entered the VFX industry running, working with clients such as VW, Ferrero & Nivea. With SFX and VFX experience since the mid 90's FABLEfx consists of a handfull of senior artists and producers that oversee and manage all productions coming through our doors.

With the internet reaching the most isolated corners of the earth the world is a smaller place today than 20 years ago. At the same time talent is all over the globe. Our custom made pipeline allows us to use production resources throughout the world and tailor each production to our clients needs by hand picking the most skilled and efficient artists for the job.

Using the latest technology is fundamental to us and the way we work. If it's not available off the shelf we build it.

All the above help making FABLEfx a flexible and cost efficient studio with a firm focus on world class VFX.